We help clients achieve better performance through data.

Creative and inquisitive, Morris McLane empowers our clients to make the data-driven decisions that matter. We help our clients harness the power of insights to build, grow, promote and make strategic business decisions.

Insightful data.

Translating consumer insights and big data into concrete initiatives that drive above-market growth.

A company’s ability to drive above-market growth hinges on the depth of its consumer insights and how well it translates those insights into effective action. Our area of work is made up analytics experts and professionals—with more than 200 years of collective experience—focused on helping our clients do exactly that.

To develop deep customer understanding, we employ a range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research approaches plus big data techniques that are both innovative and pragmatic.

Our goal is to help our clients develop a set of practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal—and maximise the profitable use of—the data appropriate to their situation.

Bringing analytics to life.

Providing everything from specific expertise on discrete issues to holistic transformations spanning strategy design, build, implementation, capability building, and ongoing support.

Morris McLane helps clients identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from data, and turn them into competitive advantages.

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