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Having the right insights is crucial. We arm entities with the tools and knowledge to influence, advocate, and drive meaningful change

Elevate Your Strategic Position with Informed Insights

Blending a rich array of expertise in competitive intelligence, social listening, market research, SEO strategies, and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) — we deliver the insights you need to make informed digital decisions.


Navigate with confidence with competitor intelligence, ensuring you're always one step ahead and equipped with strategies to outperform the competition


Get market research for a full understanding of industry trends, consumer behaviors, and emerging opportunities to make better business decisions.


Listen to your audience on social media to make effective decisions, mitigate risks, and build real relationships.


Use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to turn public data into strategic insights for a competitive edge.

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Competitor Intelligence

Our competitor intelligence services offer comprehensive insights into market dynamics, aiding informed strategic decisions.

Emphasising empirical data and analytical rigor, we provide reliable reports that outline the industry landscape, facilitate understanding of potential collaborations, identify gaps, and highlight areas for risk mitigation. With our detailed insights and updates, we equip entities to respond proactively to market shifts.

Social Listening + SOCINT

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, conversations about your organisation proliferate far beyond the boardroom. Morris McLane assists in tracking, analysing, and synthesising multifaceted dialogues across social, clear, and deep networks.

Equip your public strategy with an understanding of sentiment, opportunities, and emerging risks, ensuring informed decision-making that is attuned to the pulse of your stakeholders and the broader community.

Market Research & Audits

Through systematic data collection, rigorous analysis, and insightful interpretation, our market research offers a lens into the current state of your sector and forecasts potential future shifts.

Whether you’re launching a new product, entering a new territory, or seeking to understand your target audience better, we equip you with the actionable insights needed to make informed decisions. 

Open-source Intelligence

We use OSINT to tap into a vast reservoir of data from websites, social media platforms, public records, and other digital touchpoints. This form of intelligence is not just about collecting data, but about synthesising it into actionable insights that can inform strategic decision-making.

Whether it’s understanding potential threats, uncovering market opportunities, or gaining a competitive edge, OSINT provides a view that goes beyond traditional intelligence methods.

In a world where information is abundant, OSINT ensures that businesses, institutions, and individuals can sift through the noise, discerning patterns, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape effectively.

Navigate with precision and insight

In the digital world, knowing your industry and accessing information are crucial. Our expertise in market analysis and Open Source Intelligence will guide you and offer clear, strategic advantages.

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