We help clients stabilise online crises and maintain performance

Our team advises companies and high-profile individuals to tackle a range of preparedness, reputation and communications challenges


Online mitigation.

Our team moves fast to help clients stabilise crises and deliver an integrated response while maintaining performance.

With the growing confluence and influence of social media, rapidly expanding customer expectations and private regulation driven by cause-oriented nongovernmental organisations, a growing gap exists between reputational risks and organisational capacity to manage them.

We have worked on a range of online crises over the past 8 years. We help business and  leaders take immediate control of the crisis situation, stabilise their organisations, and accelerate the recovery.

Key to the value we bring is our deep understanding of how crises unfold. We know what the breakpoints are and act preemptively to protect them—containing problems before they blow up and proactively managing critical stakeholders. We then look to the future, helping clients find and fix the root cause of the crisis or mitigate against future events, and ensure they recover stronger than before.

We deliver when the stakes are high.

Our team has built a proven record of protecting the most important, yet fragile, organisational asset – reputation.

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